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Sinus Lift Procedure

Dr Tuckett wants all of his patients to lead a happy, healthy life, and although tooth loss is sometimes part of that picture, it doesn’t have to be an extended part. Dental implants offer our patients a great way to replace missing teeth with a permanent and dependable solution that gives them back the freedom to eat and speak the way they did before tooth loss. Sometimes, to place dental implants, we will need to perform a procedure to ensure that dental implant placement is successful; A sinus lift is just such a procedure.

Why You Might Need a Sinus Lift

The most common reason that patients have a sinus lift performed is to prepare for dental implant placement procedures. Dental implants require a certain amount of structurally stable bone in the jaw to support them for many years to come. Some patients lack the appropriate amount of bone between where the dental implant will come to rest, and where their sinus cavity ends. The circumstances where a sinus lift will need to be performed are specific. The following is a list of criteria that would need to be met for a sinus lift to be considered necessary:

  • Dental implants will be placed on the upper jaw, to replace the rear teeth (molars)
  • The bone between the maxillary sinus cavity and where the dental implant will come to rest is insufficient to support a dental implant

A patient might need a sinus lift for a few different reasons, like the natural structure of the bone in their jaw might not be substantial enough to support a dental implant. If they have experienced significant tooth loss, or have been missing certain teeth for a long time, bone loss might have taken place in the areas where implants will need to be placed.

Preparation for Sinus Lift Surgery

To prepare for a sinus lift, or any bone graft procedure, we need to prepare by sourcing the grafting material from somewhere. We have a few different options for where we can get grafting material from, which are:

  • From the body of the patient (autogenous bone)
  • From a cadaver (allogeneic bone)
  • From a cow bone (xenograft)
  • We will take X-rays and make a treatment plan for every patient before they undergo the procedure.

Sinus Lift Procedure

Once you are given the proper sedation and anesthetic, we will begin the procedure by cutting the gum tissue above the site where your rear molars used to be to access the bone below. We will open a small window in the bone to access the sinus membrane on the other side. We will push the sinus membrane up and away from your jaw to reposition it, carefully filling in the area left behind with the grafting material. Once the site is packed with granules of bone grafting material, we will finish the procedure by suturing shut the gum tissue over the site.

We will leave the site to heal for somewhere between four and nine months. Dental implants will be placed once the site has healed and we are confident in the progress your bone has made.