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Dental Sealants Queen Creek

Your teeth are an essential feature of your mouth that are responsible for many important daily tasks. They enable you to bite and chew food, initiating the first stage of digestion. They control the flow of air when you speak, allowing you to communicate effectively. They give you a beautiful smile. Taking care of your mouth is important for keeping your teeth strong and healthy. Oral health care involves several components, including brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings and exams. However, even those who are vigilant with their oral care routines can still be faced with issues, including cavities. At Marketplace Dental Excellence, we can help you to protect your teeth from cavities with dental sealants.

Cavity Formation

Cavities are the result of tooth decay. Throughout the day, plaque and oral bacteria build up in your mouth. Both produce acids that eat away at the enamel of your teeth. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental visits help to keep plaque and bacteria at bay as well as removing the acids from your teeth. If the acids are left on the teeth too long, they begin to eat away at the protective enamel layer. This erosion eventually leads to pits (cavities) to form. Bacteria hide in the cavities and continue their destruction. Cavities grow larger, and can even enter the inner layer of the teeth, causing a serious infection.

What are Dental Sealants?

Certain areas of the teeth are more prone to cavities than others. One such place is the chewing surfaces of your molars. These teeth contain deep crevices that can easily trap food particles and harbor oral bacteria. It can be difficult for the bristles of your toothbrush to thoroughly clean these spaces. As a result, cavities can form.

Dental sealants are designed to be a preventative measure against the formation of cavities. Sealants are used on the chewing surfaces of the molars, effectively covering over the crevices. This prevents food particles and bacteria from becoming trapped. They also make it easier to keep your teeth clean.

Sealants are made up of plastic and other materials. The procedure is quick, simple, and completely painless. Before placing the sealants, we clean your teeth. If you have an existing cavity, we clean and fill it first. Once the teeth have been cleaned and dried, the sealant material is painted onto the teeth. Finally, we dry it with a special light.

How Long Do Sealants Last?

Dental sealants made be made up of plastic, but they are relatively strong. They can stand up to normal, everyday wear and tear. Should a sealant be damaged, it can easily be reapplied.
It is important to remember that while sealants help to keep buildup from accumulating on the chewing surfaces of your molars, helping to prevent cavities, they are not a substitute for proper dental hygiene. You should continue to brush twice a day and floss daily. You should also maintain your regular dental visits. Sealants only protect where they are applied. Cavities can still form in the other areas of your teeth. For this reason, maintaining a proper oral care routine is essential.

I Thought Sealants Were for Kids

Children tend to be more prone to cavities than adults. For this reason, sealants are a popular treatment to help protect their teeth. However, children are not the only ones who are susceptible to cavities. Tooth decay can affect anyone of any age. Sealants are an effective preventative treatment for anyone, regardless of how old they are.

Sealants help to provide an additional layer of protection against cavities in the teeth. For more information, and to find out if you can benefit from dental sealants, call Marketplace Dental Excellence at (480) 545-8700 today.